sick-day saturday: a decorated cake round-up

sick-day saturday: a decorated cake round-up

I’ve been very ill this week. My body’s never been very good at following rules, so naturally during the hottest week of the year (so far) in Britain, I developed the flu. And because of that, I haven’t had much interest in baking (shock!).

So this week, I thought it’d be a good time to do a round-up of my favourite decorated cakes from the past year. I’m by no means a professional, and have a lot to learn in the world of cake decorating, but I have moments of pride – and these are those.

The Legend of Zelda birthday cake 

This cake marked a lot of ‘firsts’ for me: my first time using fondant, my first time shaping a cake, my first time tackling a big cake decorating project. And, it definitely taught me a lot. For one thing, my fridge is not big enough to house a decorated cake. And that is BAD. Although it held up well, by the next morning my Deku Tree was looking a little, well, limp. But for not having any decorating tools (not even a rolling pin!), I’m still pretty happy with the turn out.


The Game of Thrones birthday cupcakes 

Much like Mad Men, GoT is a pretty big deal in our house. And these cupcakes were a big undertaking. Cue a DIY cake board map, carefully-assembled flag toppers, and individually decorated cakes, based on the various houses. But regardless of the amount of time spent choosing candy (‘Do you think toffee or honeycomb would make a better cliff?’), this was one of my favourite projects. It allowed for so much creativity (and research, which I love. Blame a lifetime of book reports for that…)




The horse-and-butterfly birthday cake 

This is the most recent creation: a simple buttercream-and-sponge cut-and-shape horse, with fondant horseshoes and butterflies. After all this time, I finally have decorating tools. Fondant rollers, shaping tools, cutters – what a revelation! This cake was my first time testing anything out, and having the right stuff really does make things easier. Sadly, this was another cake that needed more chilling time but wouldn’t fit in the fridge (have you seen English fridges? They’re smaller than me!), but someday I’ll have my refrigeration situation sussed.




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