a cake-y round-up 

a cake-y round-up 

So, I’ve been a little lax on the whole blogging thing. Truthfully, I feel like the month of May has flown by. That’s partially because at work, I’m entering a busy autumnal planning period (magazines are a tiny bit insane) and partially because at home, the cake-making is endless.

In my family (and my partner’s family), spring/summer birthdays are the only birthdays. I love having a solid month of birthday cake baking, but it’s not terribly conducive to keeping up a successful blog. I mean, who wants to write anything after cutting out fondant owl feathers for two hours? (More on that later).

So with May nearly behind us, I thought it was high time for a little catch up.

The Carbonite Cake  

A Star Wars fan born on Star Wars Day calls for a Han Solo cake, right? I didn’t have carbonite to hand so he was made of a big slab of moulded chocolate, edible silver dust and vanilla cake.  If you ever plan on doing the same, I suggest investing in silver lustre dust starting now – you’re gonna need it. All of it.

The Warcraft Cake

Two hours of Rice Krispie moulding, fondant cutting, silver painting, and jellybean slicing culminates in a little baby moonkin (which may only mean something to you if you’re au fait with World of Warcraft). This was also my first go at a Swiss roll – coated in chocolate, filled with chocolate, and dusted with chocolate. Choctastic.


The Cat Cakes

It’s never nice to say goodbye to someone you’ve genuinely enjoyed working with – but catcakes definitely brighten up the leaving ‘do. Luckily, she also happens to really like cats – even if purple and green aren’t exactly standard breed colours…

What’s next, then? This particular cake bird will be swanning off to the motherland for two weeks on Monday, which means another cake hiatus – but I’ll have plenty of cake-y treats to upload on my return.


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