do you wanna build an elsa?

do you wanna build an elsa?

It’s been three years. Three years since Frozen entered all of our lives. Even those of us without children haven’t been able to escape the onslaught of merchandise, sing-along albums, spin-off shorts and carefully placed references. But for kids enthralled by Elsa, it isn’t over yet.

That’s what led me to making (building?) this Elsa-themed cake for a third birthday this past weekend. It went something like this:

Thursday, bake three layers of chocolate cake after work. Cool. Wrap in plastic wrap. Realise there’s no room in the fridge. Cram cheese, grapes, and raspberry jam onto the top shelf and chill the cakes.

Friday, assemble. Carefully, blindly. I hesitantly stacked my layers onto a decorating turntable that I wasn’t entirely sure locked in place (it does). Elsa was wrapped in plastic wrap to prevent any unnecessary doll destruction, and then unceremoniously shoved into the centre of the stack. And that’s when it got interesting.


If you’re a child of the 90s (or even before), you know this cake. You had this cake. But have you ever made one? Have you ever felt the inexplicable panic over trying to get the angles of the skirt as even as possible? Maybe you’re just not one to panic over the angles of skirts. If so, I salute you. But as I cut away with my serrated knife, I fretted. Not to mention that my cake stacks weren’t quite tall enough. Note to self: next time, make four layers. (To save the skirt, I used the cut-offs and smooshed the frosted cake pieces together cake pop-style, forming the cake around the top of her skirt so it reached her waist).

Luckily, she made it out alive, skirt intact. I made a LOT of buttercream (two sticks of butter’s worth), coloured it teal-blue and did my best to avoid the crumbs.


And then to hide my crumby sins (and dress her up a bit), I cut snowflakes from white fondant using flower cutters and added silver dragees. Plus, a good heaping of edible silver glitter (which sadly doesn’t show well in photos).

And there you have it. Elsa. Now, try to get the song out of your head…




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