i’ve got a cake to bake

i’ve got a cake to bake

…Or, rather, I don’t. I get to properly decorate cakes approximately twice a year: May (birthday month in this house) and December (uh, Christmas?) And frankly, it’s not enough. I’ve got cake decoration withdrawals. So if I had a reason, these are the cakes I’d bake.

A standing cake, like…


Pikachu cake via josiejoe on Cake Central

Okay, so I happen to like Pikachu. But really I’d be excited to try any standing cake – I’ve seen Marios, R2D2s, and anatomically correct trees. Would it be hard? Abso-freaking-lutely. I’m not even sure I could pull it off. But imagine if I did.

A floating cake, like…


Straw-ber-rita cake via Rlitt on Craftsy

Similar to a standing structure, but with the added support of cleverly hidden dowels, floating cakes have such an impact. Whether it’s sweets falling from a pick n’ mix bag, drink flowing from a can, or tea from a kettle, they’re always impressive. And, I might just manage one.

A Katherine Sabbath-inspired cake, like…


Drippy Chocolate Cake via Erin Bakes on The Cake Blog

Australian Katherine Sabbath created an Instagram revolution the first time she dripped neon ganache over a six-layer buttercream cake. From then on, exaggerated and outlandish designs have been the ‘thing’ – and it’s no surprise, as they’re beautiful and ultra indulgent. So why do I want to make one? Come on, have you seen it? That’s free design reign – otherwise known as ‘way too much fun.’

A cupcake cake, like…


Baseball Field Cupcakes via Country Kitchen Sweet Art

Okay, I’ve done cupcake cakes before. In fact, many times. But they’re fun to create – and thus far, I’ve only done simple decorations on mine. I’d love a detailed cupcake cake like the above. And, there are so many ideas for these: I’ve seen everything from frothy beer mugs to Disney princesses in cupcake cake form.

A pinata cake, like…


Rainbow Cake via Hungry Happenings on Tablespoon

Pinata cookies have been a thing for a while now (you’ve probably seen a couple unicorn renditions). But pinata cakes are a) easier and b) so much more fun. It’s surprise on a larger scale, and totally customisable: add your favourite sweets, theme them to the cake, choose fruit instead, whatever you like.

A carved cake, like…


Sorting Hat cake via That CakeGirl

I love a themed cake. And, I love geeky cakes. In the past, I’ve done The Legend of Zelda, World of Warcraft, and have plans for Pokemon and Super Mario. For all of them, I’ve had to mould and carve characters, and I love the challenge that brings. And a Harry Potter cake? It can only be butterbeer flavoured, surely (and don’t worry, I also have plenty of ideas for snitch-shaped cupcakes…)

Want to chat cakes? Get in touch here.


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